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How much energy does a Fairybell® consume?

Every Fairybell® has a low energy consumption and they will usually not consume more than all your room lights together. This way, your holidays will be worry-free! Quite a nice thought given today's energy prices.

All Fairybell® LED Christmas trees are equipped with high-quality LED technology. At the bottom of this page you can see exactly what the consumption level of each model is, allowing you to make an informed choice. We have also added a calculation of energy costs for this season based on current prices.

What are the advantages of LED lighting over traditional lighting?

  • With an LED light, no energy is lost on heating up a filament. An LED bulb is therefore up to 90% more efficient which you will also notice on your monthly electricity bill!
  • An LED bulb will last, on average, approximately 20,000 hours. That is 20 times more than a normal light bulb. LED lights are therefore better for the environment, meaning you will make a direct contribution to a cleaner climate.
Product LEDs kWh
FANL-200-300-02-BS 300 0,01
FANL-300-360-02-BS 360 0,01
FANL-300-480-02-BS 480 0,01
FANL-300-480-03-BS 480 0,01
FANL-400-640-02-BS 640 0,01
FANL-400-640-03-BS 640 0,01
FANL-400-640-04-BS 640 0,01
FANL-600-900-02-BS 900 0,01
FANL-600-1200-02-BS 1200 0,02
FANL-600-1200-03-BS 1200 0,02
FANL-600-1200-04-BS 1200 0,02
FANL-600-2000-02-BS 2000 0,02
FANL-700-1500-02-BS 1500 0,02
FANL-800-1500-02-BS 1500 0,02
FANL-800-1500-03-BS 1500 0,02
FANL-800-1500-04-BS 1500 0,02
FANL-1000-2000-02-BS 2000 0,02
FANL-1000-4000-02-BS 4000 0,02
FANL-1200-4000-02-BS 4000 0,02
FANL-AS150-240-02-BS 240 0,01
FANL-AS150-240-03-BS 240 0,01
FANL-AS200-240-02-BS 240 0,01
FANL-AS200-240-03-BS 240 0,01
FANL-AS300-320-02-BS 320 0,01
FANL-AS300-320-03-BS 320 0,01
FANL-D210-120-02-BS 120 0,01
FANL-D210-120-03-BS 120 0,01
FANL-H150-240-02-BS 240 0,01
FANL-W125-60-02-BS 60 0,01
FANL-W200-180-02-BS 180 0,01
FANL-W400-240-02-BS 240 0,01


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